Who am I?

"Who am I?" is a great party game for when the party starts to die down, or if your guests don't know each other that well.

It will get everyone talking to each other, mingling and having fun. It's also pretty simple to organize and you only need a few sticky notes and a pen.

How do you play?

Write down names of famous people on sticky notes and stick one to the forehead of each of your guests. Make sure they don't see what is written on their sticky note! And also try to remove any reflecting surfaces in the party area(stuff like mirrors).

A few other ways you can play...

  • You can team up your guests in pairs and they ask each other questions. Whoever from the pair guesses correctly first, wins the round! You can do a few rounds and see who comes out on top.
  • You could also use guests from the party instead of famous people. It might be easier to guess and also fun to see what people say about each other.

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