What monster am I?

The Halloween version of the "Who am I?" party game. It's really simple to play and a lot of fun.

You can play this game in a few ways, but the rules are always the same. Everyone gets a sticky note with a monster  written on it(vampire, werewolf, vendigo etc.) and they stick it on their forehead. The object of the game is to find out what monster you are... and you do this by talking to other guests.

You can never ask out-right what monster you are. You also can not look at your sticky note in any way. You can however ask about characteristics of the monster that you are representing.

There are a few ways to actually organize to whole game:

Mass guessing

This is a really fun way, because it gets people talking to each other. It's especially great for parties where your guests don't know one-and-other, since it's a great ice-breaker.

Everyone gets a sticky note and everyone guesses at the same time. They have to mingle and talk to get information.

Timed guessing

Guests get stick notes one at a time. Whoever manages to guess in the shortest amount of time is declared the winner.

Guess in pairs

Another way to approach this game is to put your guests in pairs and see which pair has the most luck in guessing each others monster. This is also a fun ice-breaker, in case your guests are not too familiar with each other.

Make a contest

You could also do a contest to see who is the ultimate "What monster am I?" champion! You can either use the Pair method and let one person from each pair advance, or you can use the Timed method and see who's the fastest.

Either way, if you will be doing a contest, don't forget to get a small Halloween themed prize for the winner.

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