Wet musical chairs

Everyone probably knows the musical chairs game where you have to sit when the music stops and the person left without a chair is out, well... this is a pool side variations of that game.

Wet musical chairs, or pool musical chairs, are a really fun and really wet game that you can play at your next pool party. There are two ways you can play, but, if you put your imagination to work, I'm sure you can find even more.

The pool-side way

Playing this way can be a bit dangerous, so be careful! Also don't play it this way, if your floor around the swimming pool is really slippery.

What you do is... put some lawn chairs around the edge of your swimming pool and play the music. Everyone moves around as long as the music plays. When the music stops everyone sits. Whoever is left without a chair(there's one chair less that the number of players) is out and the next round begins. Each round you remove one chair until only one chair is left.

Since there's going to be some struggle around who gets to sit, some people are probably going to fall in the pool along with the chairs. Whoever falls in the pool is also out!

The in-pool way

Playing this way is probably more fun and definitely way less dangerous. You'll need some floating chairs, cushions or inflatable animals(as long as it floats and is large enough to sit on, it's fine).

Put all the floating objects in the pool, and also all the players, and play the music! While the music plays everyone moves/swims around the pool. When the music stops, everyone has to climb on to one of the floating object in the pool and sit/lay on it. Whoever is left without a sit, is out.

Like in classic musical chairs, you always play with one chair less then the number of players and remove one chair each round. Play until only one floating object is left and let the final two players fight it out for the final seat.

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