Valentine party games

Valentines day is a celebration of love and Valentine party games are a reflection of that.

They are fun games that will bring people at your party closer and maybe even form new couples. Some are appropriate for everyone, others are appropriate only for single people. So whatever your Valentine party is about (hooking up or just having fun with other couples), you'll surely find something you like.

Fun and sexy Valentine party games:

  • Broken hearts A fun, Valentine colored, team scavenger hunt. Can you put together your broken heart? Or maybe get to know your team partner a little bit better in the process?:)
  • Charades A very popular party game where you act out something and others have to guess what it is.
  • Lost love Can you find your lost love? If you consider yourself to be a bit of a matchmaker and are throwing a singles party, then this is the perfect party game for you.
  • Love song drinking game A nice little add on for a Valentine party. Drinking to love songs will get everyone buzzed and opened to new encounters.
  • One lie, one truth A great ice-breaker game that will get people talking and getting to know each other.
  • Pictionary This is a fun party game for any occasion. It's similar to charades, except you don't act out stuff, you draw them on paper.
  • Pin a kiss This is a Valentine version of pin the tail on the donkey. Pin a kiss on your lover or a random person at the party, your choice, it's fun either way.
  • Secret Valentine The best game to get people hooking up. It's a really positive and fun Valentine party game.
  • Valentine scavenger hunt Scavenger hunts are some of the most popular real life adventure games perfect for any party and all ages. They have been around since forever...
  • Valentine Simon says You can make the classic Simon says game (you can read about it here ) into a fun Valentine game for teens and adults.
  • Singles auction Throwing a little singles auction is a great idea for a one sex Valentine party.


About Valentine parties

When throwing a Valentine party you can go two ways. You can throw a singles party, where the main goal is to get your guests to get to know each-other and start hooking up, or you can throw a party for couples, where couples enjoy a fun evening of wine and fun party games.

Singles parties are way more exciting. You'll need a lot of drinks (good wine is the best matchmaker in the world:)), some finger food, romantic music to get everyone in the mood and some fun activities that will get your guests mingling. A lot of the Valentine party games described above are perfect for just that, so be sure to check them out.

Couples parties might be a tad bit boring, but they can still be fun. A good idea is to throw a nice dinner with some wine and fun activities that can be played couple vs. couple ( Charades for example). You should also avoid games that might spark an argument among lovers, like " One Lie, One Truth "... finding out that your partner doesn't know you as well as you think can be a bit of a let-down.

So enjoy your Valentine party and let the love flow through the room as your guests enjoy the fine treats that you set up for them.

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