Office party game:
The typing and drinking game

This is a perfect office party game, because it combines a standard office activity with drinking yourself silly:)

What to do?

You'll need some preparation before the party... but very little. All you have to do is put together a text that would take about 1-2 minutes to re-type.

Also get a few shots ready(use a cocktail mix, or some hard liquor, if you want people to get really wasted).  Put the shots in hands reach of the person behind the computer.

Now dictate the text to that person. He has to write it down exactly as it is dictated. Whenever he makes a mistake, he has to take a shot(the rest watch, cheer and spot mistakes).

Fun ideas

  • Make a funny text that will encourage mistakes. You can use some office related/internal jokes, or some office gossip. For some funny office jokes visit this site .
  • Make it into a contest! Get two people playing against each other at the same time. Whoever makes less mistakes wins... or even better, start dictating a book, whoever ends up under the table first is the loser:)
  • Try finding an old typewriter to make typing even harder.

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