Tug of war

Tug of war is a classic party game perfect for picnics, pool parties or any other outdoor party... even an indoor party, if you want to go a little crazy:)

It's a really simple game. All you need is rope and people. Divide yourselves into two teams. Each team takes one end of the rope and starts dragging. Whichever team tumbles the other wins the game.

Hanky version

You can tie a handkerchief in the middle of the rope and draw a line on the ground. The team that pulls the others hanky pass the line, wins!

Pool version

It's exactly the same as a normal tug of war... except each team stands on the opposite side of the pool. Whichever team pulls the other into the pool, wins!

Funky ideas

You can play tug of war over all sorts of different things. One of the most popular variants is playing over a pool of mud, but you can let your imagination flow and think of something yourself.

Make sure you divide the teams at least moderately equally. It's kind of pointless, if one team is way stronger.

Play in costumes. It might not make much of a difference for the people playing, but it will be really amusing for everyone watching.

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