Truth or dare

Truth or dare is one of the simples party games out there. All you need is a bunch of friends and your imagination.

Each player starts out by asking another, if they choose truth or dare. Depending on what they pick they have to either:

  • Tell the absolute truth about whatever the asker asks them


  • Do a dare that the asker sets for them.

Choosing the victims

One player always starts, but you can choose the next one in many ways:

  • Spin a bottle and see who it points to.
  • Go around the circle of players.
  • Give each player a number and then roll a dice.
  • Make it so that each person asks everyone once and then start a new round.
  • Other ways you can think of.


  • Set hard, embarrassing or funny challenges, but make sure they are not dangerous. It's a fun game, but it stops being fun when someone gets hurt.
  • Try to think a bit about your questions in advance, so that you really hit the nail on the head with them.
  • You can also play that people can choose truth or dare after hearing both. This way you relive a little pressure and give people a choice.
  • You can also use this game as a punishment in another game. Whoever loses can either take truth or dare.

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