Touchdown dance competition

Scoring a touchdown in football can be a real celebration for some players. Al-dough excessive celebration is frowned upon in actual football, it's a great thing to celebrate at a party. That's why you can turn touchdown celebrations into a party game at your Superbowl party.

The contest

It's easy to make a contest out of it. Let all your guests have a go at their touchdown celebratory dance and see who has the best/funniest one. You can be the judge or you can all vote on it. The best one gets a beer, the worst one has to do his dance in public on the street:)

Fun ideas

  • Do famous dance imitations. You can imitate celebrations from your famous players and see who does the best one.
  • Add a drinking game. Every time someone scores a touchdown, everyone drinks. Watch how your guests dances get worse and worse.

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