Top town rip off

Ever seen that New Zealand show, Top Town? Well, you can do something similar, but on a smaller scale, at your next pool party!

This will take some ingenuity, but it can be done. Make an obstacle course, include you swimming pool, and make teams that will compete for the fastest times. You can use your imaginations when creating the course, but here are a few fun ideas for making obstacles from stuff that you probably have at home...

Floating cushions

This would be the most basic course. Put floating cushions, inflatable animals and chairs(basically anything that floats) in the pool. Players then have to climb on each one to get to the other side.

If you have enough floating stuff, you can even make a path with it and players must then not fall of or they have to start from the beginning.


You can use rope in many ways. A good idea is to tie each end to the ladders at each side of the pool so that it is stretched across. Now players have to climb across the rope to the other side of the pool without falling off.

Pool cover

You can use your pool cover as an artificial layer of ice. Players have to swim under it to the other side. If you have more covers, you can make a few consecutive layers of "ice".

Ideas for putting it all together

If you have a huge swimming pool, then you can make a nice long course. The problem is that most people have small backyard swimming pools, so here are a few suggestions:

  • Make more rounds and change the obstacles each time.
  • Divide your pool into lines(like swimming lanes) and have players go back and forward. Fill each lane with different kind of obstacles.
  • Mix in a few ground obstacles. The whole race doesn't have to be in the pool.

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