Teenage pool party games

Teenager with a pool? Then you need teenage pool party games for your party! Throwing a pool party is probably one of the most awesome things you can do, and it's definitely the ultimate of all parties.

OK, let's see what games you can play...

  1. Wet musical chairs
  2. Ice-cream brain freeze challenge
  3. Water races
  4. Cock fight
  5. Water fight


Wet musical chairs

There are two ways to play this teenage pool party game, a dangerous one and a safe one. If you pick the dangerous one, please be careful.

1. Variation
This one can be dangerous and can lead to injury, so be careful and don't play it, if you have slippery tiles around your pool(because then it becomes borderline deadly). Anyway... put some plastic chairs(one chair less than the number of participants) around the swimming pool and let the music play. When the music stops, everyone sits on a chair. Whoever fails to get a chair, or falls in the pool, is out.
Like in classical music chairs, you just keep removing chairs until there are only two people and one chair left. The one that gets the last chair wins.

2. Variation
This version is perfectly safe and loads of fun. You are going to need some inflatable chairs/cushions/animals, basically anything that will float in the water and you can climb on. Now you play like you would play classical music chairs, except that everyone is in the pool, climbing on inflated objects instead of sitting in chairs.

Ice-cream brain freeze challenge

This is more of a contest than a game. It can be kind of dangerous(I've seen someone collapse from it), so don't overdo it! Anyway, get some contestants and a few ice-cream based drinks(from 3-5dl) with straws.  Now see who can drink the entire drink in the shortest amount of time. It's also useful to get a small prize for the winner of the contest(to make everyone try really really hard and get a brain freeze:))

Water races

What would a teenage pool party games list be without a few water races!? Water races all function on the same principal. You divide players into teams and then players from each team run, one-by-one, from start to some point where they complete a task and back where they tag the next player. There are a few water race games you can play:

1. Watergun race
Each team gets an empty water gun. The objective is to run to the pool, fill up the water gun and try to shoot as much water into a target(like a bucket or something similar). The winning team can be decided in a few ways:

  • the team that gets through all players the fastest
  • the team that is the first to fill up the bucket
  • the team that shoots the most water into the bucket at the end of a set time period

2. Bucket race
Each team gets an empty bucket. The object is to run to the pool, fill up the bucket and then run(with the full bucket) to a bigger bucket and fill it with water. Like in the watergun race, the winners can be decided in different ways:

  • the team that gets through all players the fastest
  • the team that is the first to fill up the bucket
  • the team that fills the bucket with the most water at the end of a set time period

3. Waterballon race
This one is really fun. Each team gets a bunch of waterballons and each player has to run from the start to a bucket with a waterballon between his knees. The team that gets the most water into the bucket at the end of a set time period, or before running out of waterballons, wins!

Cock fight

This is a classic teenage pool party game. You have two teams of two. It's played in the pool and also the pool has to be deep enough. One person from each team sits on the shoulders of his team mate and then the cockfight begins.

The two people sitting on the shoulders of their teammates try to knock each other off using their hands. Only pushing is allowed, let's keep it friendly:)

You can also spice it up with some foam stick or other toys that you can use as weapons.

Water fight

Get your waterguns, waterballons and buckets ready and let the fight begin! You can start a spontaneous water-fight by rushing into the pool area squirting all around, or you can organize yourselves into teams and get each-other wet in an organized fashion:) Either-way, remember to keep it fun and friendly:)

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