Teenage party games

Teenagers like to party and teenage party games can be fun as hell! They can lead to some very memorable moments that we then remember for the rest of our lives. I mean, how many people reading this had their first kiss while playing spin the bottle? Probably a lot. Anyway, let's see what games will create lifetime memories for all you reading this...


You can get some more great teen party ideas on this site .

Halloween party games for teens

Dress up and go trick-or-treating... or stay at home and throw a kick ass party and play some awesome Halloween games! Get some good ideas here! "Bobbing for apples" and a lot more!

Teen Christmas party games

If you are a teenager and it's Christmas time, then you should probably celebrate at home with your family... but... in case your parents decided they'd rather go skiing this year... who am I to stop you from throwing a party:) Obviously check here for some Christmas games that your friends might like.

Teenage birthday party games

Birthday time! You're probably not old enough to drink, so what else is there to do for your birthday? Well... party games obviously! There are a bunch of birthday games that you can play when you hit that age when "Duck, duck, goose" becomes too childish.

Teenage pool party games

It's 40 degrees outside and you are one of the lucky people that actually have a pool... or you just live in California, Greece or some other country where this is normal. In either case, what else to do, but to throw a pool party! It's hard to make a pool party boring, but some fun pool-side games will definitely be a huge add on for everyone attending.

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