Teenage birthday party games

Let's party! Teenage birthday party games are a must for any teenage birthday party. When you manage to get your parents out of the house and invite some friends over, you will surely want to have some fun and probably get some life long memories of your teenage years. So let's take a look at how you can spice up your birthday party...

  1. Spin the bottle
  2. 7 minutes in heaven
  3. Truth or dare
  4. Suck me


Spin the bottle

This is a classic. When you ask around, many people will say they had their first kiss while playing the teenage birthday party game "Spin the bottle".

It's simple. Get an empty(or full and closed) bottle and sit in a circle. Now take turns spinning the bottle. The two people that are on the opposite sides of the bottle when it stops, have to kiss.

TIP: If you want the pair to come out boy-girl every time, make a half circle of boys and a half circle of girls. That way it's impossible to get any same sex kissing.

7 minutes in heaven

This is another classic teenage party game. Two people are selected by various methods to go into a closet, or some other dark closed space, alone for 7 minutes. They can do whatever they like, but be responsible! Possible methods of selection are:

  • spinning a bottle
  • voting
  • drawing straws
  • drawing cards
  • or some other that you think of

Truth or dare

Yet another classic. One person starts by asking another "Truth or dare?". If that person takes the truth, then he has to answer, honestly, whatever question the asker asks. If he takes the dare, then the asker gives him a challenging or embarrassing dare that he has to fulfill.

The game continues like this in a circle, with one player always asking the next one on his left. Another way to play it is also to chose the next person to answer by spinning a bottle, drawing cards or whatever else you can think of.

Suck me

Better stretchy your lungs a bit, because you could get a bit winded after this. Basically you form a line of people, take a playing card, put it on your mouth and start sucking(so that it stays on). Now you have to pass the card along the line and all participants can use only their mouth and their sucking power to move the card along.

You can also set up some penalty stunts for people that drop the card. This way you get some extra motivation going and also a fun side activity to watch while everyone gets their breath back:)

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