Teen Christmas party games

Teen Christmas party games are a good way to keep teens busy at a Christmas party or, if you're a teen, a good way to have some fun at your party, in case you think you're too old for a family Christmas.

  1. Christmas charades
  2. Christmas pictionary
  3. Stocking memory test
  4. Caroling


Christmas charades

Christmas colored charades are always fun. Make small pieces of paper with Christmas themed subjects, divide yourselves in teams and let the fun begin!

In case you don't already know how to play charades... Divide yourselves in two teams. Each team pulls a random piece of paper with a subject that one of the players has to act out(without speaking) and the rest of the team tries to guess what he is representing. There's a limited time for guessing. The team that has the most correct guesses ,or is the fastest, wins.

Christmas pictionary

Pictionary is played exactly the same as charades( see above ), except that instead of acting, you draw on a piece of paper or a chalk board.

For Christmas pictionary you can use Christmas themes(rain deer, snowman etc.)

Stocking memory test

A simple teen Christmas party game. You'll need a stocking and some small gift items. Keep the items visible for a minute and then put them in a Christmas stocking. After that, have everyone write down what items they remember. The person that remembers the most items wins.

You can put a special twist on the game by giving out the gift items as presents for the best players.


When you get bored, you can always go caroling. Just go from house to house, sing Christmas carols and have fun with it!

You might even make a penny or two:)

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