Tag, you're it!

Running around, trying to catch your friends... that's "Tag, you're it!", the simplest kids game in the world!

One player is nominated to be "it". He then runs around and tries to catch other people. If he manages to catch someone, than that person becomes "it" and starts catching people.

It's as simple as that!

...or is it?

There are a few modifications that you can make to this game. Here are 3 other fun ways you can play:

Freeze tag

Whoever is tagged "freezes" in place. Other players can then "unfreeze" him by running between his legs. The "it" player wins, if he manages to freeze all the players. This is usually played with more than 1 "it" player, but it depends on the number of players.

Mass tag

Everyone that is tagged becomes "it", but the previous "it" player also remains "it". At the end only one player is still running around and all the rest are trying to catch him.

Snake tag

This is fun. It's the same as Mass tag, but with the added rule that all "it" players must hold hands the entire time. The more players are tagged, the longer the snake will become.

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