Sweet tree decor

Don't Christmas tree decoration look just yummy sometimes? Did you know you can get sweet edible tree decoration? Or you can make it your self.

Either-way, you can make decorating Christmas trees into a fun children's game with these sweet edible decorations. All you have to do is get some small Christmas trees and let the kids decorate them with candy decorations. At the end everyone gets to eat what's on his tree(that's why it should be a small one).

How to make the decoration yourself?

There are a few ways. The easiest is to just put some pretty string around different candy and tie it in a noose.

There are other ways however... You can make small paper decorative boxes that you can put candy in. It's not all that hard, just follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Make the design and cut it out

STEP 2: Put the top party together by sliding one piece into the crack of the other

STEP 3: Put the bottom part together by sliding the "wings" inside(you can use a little glue to make it easier)

STEP 4: Paint it, tie a noose on the top, insert candy and it's ready to go on your Christmas tree:)

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