Superbowl party games

Superbowl party games are a great way to liven up your superbowl party during the break, pregame time and after the game, when you are either celebrating or crying your eyes out.

Since Superbowl is the biggest and most important sporting event in the USA, it's a perfect excuse to throw an awesome party and drink beer with your friends and family. But you can do more than just drink beer, watch football and cheer on your team, you can also play some fun games to make a real event out of your Superbowl party.

Some superbowl party games:

  • Beer pong This is a classic drinking game played with a table, ping pong balls and beer. It's a perfect way to get some fun drinking done during the break.
  • Bucket shot Do you think you are better than your friends when it comes to throwing a football? Then challenge them to a round of Bucket shot.
  • Dizzy bat Throwing a little pre-game grill? Then this is perfect, Dizzy bat is a really fun game where you spin around a baseball bat.
  • Don't fumble! Nobody likes it when their player fumbles, but in this game it's hard not to! See how long you can hold the football...
  • Football trivia Do you consider yourself to be a real football fan? Test your knowledge with a little half-time football trivia with your friends.
  • Pass the cup This classic Superbowl party game joins football and a little friendly gambeling... a match made in heaven:)
  • Pick-a-player What would Superbowl be without a little betting action? Well... it wouldn't be nearly as much fun! That's why this is the perfect party game to incorporate into your Superbowl party.
  • Superbowl commercial bingo What to do during the Superbowl commercial break? Play a little commercial bingo!
  • Superbowl drinking games Superbowl and heavy drinking usually go hand-in-hand, so it's only natural that you prepare a drinking game for your Superbowl party.
  • Touchdown dance competition Dancing and excessive celebration after a touchdown is frowned upon when it comes real football... but not in this game! See who has the best touchdown dance.


About Superbowl parties

Getting together with friends and watching football is one of the most American things you can do... and it's fun!
During Superbowl you can take your football watching with friends even further by throwing a full blown Superbowl party. Some of the classic things you can do are:

  • Throw a few burgers or ribs on the grill
  • Drink tons of beer
  • Watch football... obviously

All of this is perfectly fine, but your guests might get a bit bored before the game, during commercials or they might even want an extra activities during the game. That's why it's a good idea to prepare a few Superbowl party games! That's where this little website comes in:) If you're stuck for ideas, have a look around.

Here's some last words of wisdom... throw a little pre-game for your friends. Take out your pigskin and throw it around a bit. It will get everyone fired up for the game, and it's a nice way to burn of some of those calories you'll get from all the beer and ribs you're about to ingest.

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