Superbowl commercial bingo

What to do during the Superbowl commercial break? Play a party game!

Commercial bingo is a great way to keep your guests busy during the commercial break and also a nice chance to deal out a few prizes or do a little light gambling. It's your choice, you can either get a prize for the winner(maybe a new pigskin?) or collect a pot from all participants.

Commercial bing is almost the same as regular bingo , except you don't need anyone to announce number, since the Superbowl commercials do it for you.

You'll need to get bingo cards, you can download them here . Then your guests have to write in different products (instead of numbers in regular bingo) that they believe will be shown during the commercial break.

The rest is the same as normal bingo. Commercials come on, people cross out their products on their cards and whoever makes a bingo first, wins.

What bingos you can use:

  • 5 products in a horizontal row
  • 5 products in a vertical row
  • 5 products in a diagonal row
  • all products on the bingo card

You can use some costume pattern, if you want, but keep it simple and don't forget to yell out "BINGO!"

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