Suck me

Suck me is a party game with a sexual element, since it involves passing stuff along by sucking on them with your mouth.

It's really fun to play and you will only need a deck of cards and some willing guests.

How to play

Form a line or a circle with your guests. The first player takes a card and holds it on his/her mouth by sucking on it. Then he proceeds to pass it to the person on his left using only the suction power of his/her mouth and that person takes it with his/her mouth(basically it's a kiss with a card in the middle).

Players continue passing the card until someone drops it. There are a few things you can decide to set as a punishment for the dropper:

  • You can set a drinking punishment. Basically, you turn it into a drinking game. Anyone that drops the card has to do a shot.
  • You can set challenges. The rest of the players can set a challenge for the person that drops the card.
  • Combine it with another game. You can use this game to choose contestants for another party game, "7 minutes in heaven" for example.

Another fun idea...

Use something else instead of a card. You can turn the whole thing really sexual by using objects like a banana or something similar. You can also use something that actually allows the lips to touch. Use your imagination!

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