Are you a game developer looking to spread the word about your games? Would you like to promote your studio? We are here to help!

We are always looking for new fun games to offer our visitors. So if you have one and you are willing to offer it for free, we'll be more than happy to post it right here on Party Games Planet!

Why submit your game?

1. You are welcome to include in-game advertisement, so you can get an extra place to earn those advertising dollars!
2. You can get a link back to your studio website, so you'll get extra traffic and a boost with search engines like Google and Bing.
3. You can promote your studio and your other games with a promotional game!
4. You'll make our visitors very happy and you know what they say, sharing is caring :)

Who will host the game?

It's up to you! You can host your game on your website and we can stream it in an iframe or we can host it on Party Games Planet. We can even stream your game in an iframe from a third party website as long as the owners agree (it's up to you to secure the consent).

Did we manage to convince you?

GREAT! Please contact us so we can hash out the details:

The bunnies thank you for reading :)