Stocking memory test

Fill up your stocking and let's have a memory test! This is an easy to play Christmas party game that let's you test your memory.

It's not really that good for a party, but it's a fun game to play at small Christmas get-together.

How do you play?

Well, it's easy! Get a bunch of items, have someone look at them for a minute or so and put them in a stocking. Then the contestant has to correctly remember what items are in the stocking.

You can play it a bunch of times and whoever can remember the most items is the winner.

Make it a team competition

Get a really big stocking and let two teams fight it out. You can even add some special rules like:

  • Speed. Get a bell. Whichever team rings the bell first after a countdown gets to guess first.
  • Guess the rest. If you are using a bell, allow the other team to guess after the first team guesses. You can give the first team more allowed wrong answers and the second team only one, to make it more interesting.
  • Item worth. Some items are easier to remember, so you might want to give different amount of points for different items.

Tally up the points at the end and see which team won!
It's a fun idea to let the winning team keep the items in the stocking as gifts, since it's Christmas and all:)

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