Snowman building contest

Make Frosty the Snowman proud this Christmas by throwing a snowman building contest at your Christmas party.

It's really easy to do and it can be a lot of fun for all ages, not just children.

Tell your guests to bring some appropriate clothes, let them make a few teams and start building. At the end you can have a vote over a warm cup of hot chocolate, or some eggnog, to see who made the best snowman.

How to build a snowman?

Building a basic snowman is easy, but you can also really get your crafting spirit on and make something truly amazing. Anyway, there are 3 basic steps to building a snowman:


Make 3 snowballs in ascending sizes and put one on top of the other. You can easily make them by making a small snowball and rolling it through the snow.


Make two arms out of snow and attach them to the snowman. You can use some extra snow as glue or you can use a little water to make them stick.


Decorate your snowman! Give him a carrot nose, a pair of eyes and a big smile. You can also attach a broom to one of his arms to get that classic snowman.

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