Singles auction

Throwing a little singles auction is a great idea for a one sex Valentine party.

What exactly do I mean? Well, if you are throwing a party for your girlfriends, also invite a few of your guy friends and ask them to participate in your auction. Vice versa of course, if you are having a party for guys.

How to organize it?

It's not that hard. You'll need a few participants and a lot of interesting bidders. Make sure that participants are clear on what's going on and that you have enough single guests that will be interested in biding.

Make up fun stuff that bidders can bid on. Here are a few examples:

  • A nice dinner with their "prize"
  • A carriage ride in the park with their "prize"
  • A drink or coffee date with their "prize"
  • You can think of other stuff as well.

Each guy or girl that your guests bid on, first walks pass the room like a model. Then you announce the start of biding and take bids. The highest bid wins! It's as simple as that!

The bidders will have fun, the "prizes" probably too and maybe it will also be a start of a new couple.

Good ideas:

  • Make a show of it. Really go all out with lights and announcements, maybe even set up a little stage. People will really enjoy the ambient.
  • Donate the money. It's always good karma to donate some money to charity, why not do it on Valentine? Donate the proceeds to charity. It will also encourage biding.
  • Singles auction/Talent show. Tell all your "auction objects" to prepare a talent to show off when it's their turn. You'll probably get more biding and also it'll be more fun.

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