Scavenger hunts

Scavenger hunts are some of the most popular real life adventure games perfect for any party and all ages. They have been around since forever... Amazing Race is actually a televised reality show that features a real scavenger hunt.

What it's all about

The organizer has to prepare a list of items or tasks that participants have to complete or find. They are not allowed to buy the items and they can usually move only in a certain area (park, house or even a whole city). Completed tasks can be proven by taking pictures or capturing the whole thing on video.

The first team to complete the whole list and get back to the starting point, wins the scavenger hunt!

All scavenger hunts can be played either in teams or individually, but they are a whole lot more fun when played in teams.

You can make up any kind of list you want and there are a bunch of ways you can go. Here are some fun ideas:

Christmas scavenger hunt

When throwing a Christmas scavenger hunt you have to make sure that you fill your list with Christmas items. Another good idea is to throw it somewhere that oozes Christmas spirit (fully decorated mall, center square of a town etc.).

Halloween scavenger hunt

The time of year when ghouls, ghosts and witches come out, and your hunt should reflect that. Fill your list with a bunch of scary items and task and set everyone lose in a spooky area. If you got the guts, you can hold it in a place like an abandoned house (preferably one that is supposed to be haunted), a graveyard or an old park with a church.

You can also set an unlimited area, but make the list full of item that can only be found in spooky places.

Office scavenger hunt

At an office party your hunt should include either a whole lot of classic office supplies or you can add a personal touch to it and make a list of special items belonging to your coworkers. This applies if you are throwing the party at the office. You'll have to know your coworkers pretty well and know about any funky items that they might have hidden in their tables. Make sure that you don't put any items on the list that might offend someone (if you know that one of your female coworkers is hiding a dildo in her top drawer, it might not be the best idea to let everyone know that:)).

Valentine scavenger hunt

This hunt can be really fun. Get creative when putting the list together. Fill it with romantic or sexual stuff and tasks. Here are some fun ideas:

  • A picture of two lovers kissing
  • Hook up two people
  • Set a romantic date for the two people you hooked up
  • Bring chocolates to someone who looks lonely
  • Get 5 kisses from 5 people

Make sure to make it clear that kissing and hooking up between team mates for the purpose of the hunt is not allowed... for other reasons, well, it's  Valentines day:)

Educational scavenger hunts for kids

Scavenger hunts can be a great way to learn something, so they are perfect for educating kids in a fun fashion. Here are some ideas:

Historical hunt - Get the kids to find historical buildings, artifacts, places and take pictures of them. You can also set a little note with historical facts of what they are searching for.

Color hunt - Perfect for really young children. Set them on a search for different colored objects around the house and help them learn about colors.

Alphabet hunt - They have to find one object for each letter of the alphabet and arrange them in order. A great way to learn the alphabet.

Karma hunt - It's important to teach kids about morals and being a good person. Make them a list of good deeds and see who does all of them first.

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