Pumpkin carving contest

Pumpkin carving, or better yet, making jack-o'-lanterns is probably the most Halloween-like thing you can do besides dressing up as a witch.

The great thing about jack-o'-lanterns is that they are not just a nice ornament, but can also be really fun to make. This is why you can make making them into a fun party game.

Make it into a contest...

There are two ways you can make a game out of pumpkin carving, first would be making a contest out of it.

Get a few pumpkins and carving knifes, and let your guests go at it. Give them some time and whoever makes the best Jack-o'-lantern, wins.

You can judge yourself or you can let the non participating guests vote on the best pumpkin.

It's a good idea to get a prize for the best pumpkin. This way you give some extra incentive for your guests to participate, plus it's always fun to make a little prize giving ceremony. Another fun prize related idea is to get a few prizes for different categories(funnies pumpkin, worst pumpkin, scariest pumpkin etc.).

...or just organize it as a side activity

Yeah, or forget the contest and just make pumpkin carving into a side activity for your guests. Set up a table with pumpkins and carving knifes and let whoever wants to have a go at it try his carving skills:)

How to carve pumpkins?

Need some instructions on how to carve pumpkins? No problem! It's actually pretty easy, but you do need to know some technical stuff. So, let's take it step by step...

First you need to make an opening at the top, around the stem. It's a good idea to first draw a circle and then cut it out. Now you have an opening to put in the candle and also a nice, round, cap to close your Jack-o'-lantern.

Use a spoon to remove the "guts", by "guts" I mean the seeds and everything else inside the pumpkin.

Use a marker to draw the pieces you want to cut out. This is way better than going straight to carving, since you can better see what the final product will look like. It's a good idea to use a removable marker, in case you make a mistake or change your initial idea for the pumpkin. Also, it's a bad idea to make many complicated and small ornaments, since they are hard to carve and easily break off.

Use a small knife to carve lines over your painted ones. This makes cutting the pieces out easier.

Make your pumpkin! Use a knife to carve out the pieces that you marked in steps 3 and 4. Cut into the pumpkin. Once you finish cutting a piece, gently push it out from the inside.

When you are all done, place a candle inside the pumpkin, close it up and enjoy the product of your work:)

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