A traditional Mexican game of piñata has it's origins all over the world. Apparently South American and Central American people weren't the only ones that knew how to party:)

Today a piñata is a great addition for pretty much any party. It's fun, simple to play and very dynamic.

You'll need to buy a piñata... or you can make one.

You can find some fun piñata for sale here.

How to play

It's simple! Just hang up your piñata on a tree/celling or whatever else that seems appropriate and you're all set! Blindfold the first contestant, give him a stick, spin him around and see if he manages to break the piñata.

If it's someone's birthday, it's usually nice to let that person have the first go at it.

Fun ideas

  • You can fill your piñata with a themed filling to make it blend in with your party. For example, if you are throwing a bachelor party, you can fill it up with condoms and panties:)
  • You can make a little contest out of it and set a limited time to bust up the piñata. Whoever is the first to break it, wins.
  • You can make it a prank game and fill it up with water or slime. When the birthday boy/girl breaks it, he/she will get splashed:)
  • Give everyone a stick and let them go berserk on the piñata! Really fun for small children.

How to make a piñata...

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