Pin a kiss

This is a Valentine version of pin the tail on the donkey . Pin a kiss on your lover or a random person at the party, your choice, it's fun either way.

There are a few ways you can play this Valentine party game:

Pin a kiss on a random person at the party

Really fun for a singles Valentine party. Everyone can get a turn. There are 2 ways to play it:

  1. Line up
    One person is chosen (or he/she volunteers) and gets blindfolded. You put him/her on one side of the room and line up everyone else on the other side. The blindfolded person then walks across the room and pins a kiss on someone in the line up.
  2. Random on random
    You blindfold someone and pick someone to stand on the opposite side of the room. The blindfolded person walks pass the room and tries to pin a kiss. Everyone else can help by shouting directions.

You can get people to volunteer for both positions or you can hold a draw to get two "willing" participants:)

Pin a kiss for couples

It's played exactly the same as normal pin a kiss game, except it's played between couples. One of the couple stands blindfolded on one side of the room and tries to walk across the room and pin a kiss on his/her partner. Other people help with directions.

You can even hold a little contest between couples to see which of them manages to pin a successful kiss in the shortest amount of time.

Pin a kiss on a picture (slumber party version)

This version is perfect for slumber parties. You only need one player and a picture of his/her love fantasy ( you know, a celebrity singer or an actor she really likes). Take him/her on one side of the room and put the picture on the wall on the opposite side. Now she has to pin a kiss on the picture, while being blindfolded.

You can make a little contest. Do the pinning with lipstick and see which of you gets the closest to actually pinning a solid kiss.

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