Pictionary is a fun party game for any occasion. It's similar to charades , except you don't act out stuff, you draw them on paper.

So... like in charades, you can play it in teams or every man and woman for him/herself. The basic idea is that someone draws something on a piece of paper and others guess what he's drawing.

Team play

Divide yourselves into two teams. One person from a team draws and the rest try to guess in a set period of time. If a team guesses correctly before the time runs out, they get a point.

Every man for himself

Each person draws once and all the rest guess. Whoever guesses first gets a point.

Ways of picking what to draw

You can pre-set some things to draw, write them on a piece of paper and have each person draw what they will draw:)

A more common way is for the opposite team to pick what the other team will draw, or the last one to draw to pick something for the next person. Be sure to set some rules on what is allowed, otherwise you might get some pretty impossible things to draw.

Fun ideas

  • Get a chalkboard. Place it in the middle of the room and let people draw on that. It's easier for everyone to see and it's way more fun.
  • Theme pictionary. If it's Christmas, Halloween or some other holiday, make your pictionary game in the spirit of that holiday. Pick special themed stuff to draw.
  • Add challenges. Instead of counting points, let the team that fails to guess do a challenge. Obviously, the other team is the one setting it.
  • Make it a drinking game. Instead of counting points, the entire team that fails to guess correctly, has to take a shot.
  • Add the contra guess. When a team runs out of time, the other team gets 1 guess. If they guess correctly, they get 2 points.

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