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  • 2017-07-16 09:15:18

    Bubble World - Puzzle game

    It's like Candy Crush, but better... it's Bubble World!
    Bubble World is a puzzle game that mixes elements of Candy Crush and Breakout (the game where you bounce the ball around to destroy squares on top of the screen). You have to shoot your gems up and form lines of 3 or more to break out the diamonds that are trapped within.
    What makes Bubble World really awesome is that it takes both skill and smarts to win and get the best score. You have to be accurate enough when shooting your gems (skill) and smart enough to position them so you'll get the best end result (smarts).
    So turn off Candy Crush for a little while and give playing Bubble World a go!

  • 2017-07-04 19:43:17

    Exit Isol8 - Puzzle game

    Exit Isol8 is one cool puzzle game. It's designed after old DOS puzzle games where you had to push around elements and find switches to get to the next level. Exit Isol8 is actually exactly the same, so start looking for switches and pushing boxes around.
    Sadly, like old DOS games, it uses keyboard controls, so it's not mobile friendly. The controls are displayed at the bottom of the screen, so the whole experience is really user friendly.
    So what are you waiting for, try this awesome free puzzle game. Play Exit Isol8 now!

  • 2017-06-27 19:52:33

    City Connect - Puzzle game

    Looking for a new puzzle game that will give you a challenge? Try City Connect!
    The premise of the game is really simple, yet it can make for some very complex decisions that will make you love this little puzzle game.
    The objective of City Connect is to make a road connection between the power plant and all the houses by turning the road pieces. Sounds simple, but some layouts make for some very hard puzzles. The end goal is also to do it in as little moves as possible, so you can always compete against your own high score.
    So give City Connect, the innovative free mobile friendly puzzle game a shot!

  • 2017-06-22 19:20:47

    Silly ways to die 3

    This game, Silly ways to die 3, is really something different. The game itself is nothing special, just another puzzle game, but the concept where you try to avoid silly ways of dying is just too funny not to include in our selection of free browser games.
    Silly ways to die 3 will take you (or rather some weird creatures) on a journey across a construction yard full of dangers where you'll be presented a series of really easy puzzles. Solve the puzzles and you'll avoid dying in a silly way... oh and the puzzles are timed, so you'll have to be quick, which adds a fun anxious element to the game.
    One little heads up dough. The game sometimes freezes, but the puzzles are randomly given out so you can get through all of them by refreshing the page. Kind of a bummer, but the game itself is meant more as a funny little novelty you send your friends rather than a serious puzzle game anyway.
    Try playing Silly ways to die 3!

  • 2017-06-16 23:26:00

    The cutest puzzle game: Longcat Journey

    This puzzle game is probably one of the strangest we have here. Longcat Journey is a puzzle game featuring a cute elongated cat that is for some reason trying to escape up a ladder.
    Your main job in Longcat Journey is to move the cute kitty around with arrow keys, pick up fish and make the cat long enough to reach the ladder and escape. Yes... for some reason the cat gets longer when it eats more fish (would make more sense, if it got fatter, right?).
    Despite the fact that Longcat Journey seems like a really pointless game that only plays on the cute kitty note, it's really not. The more you advance in levels the more complex the way out gets and more of a challenge the game becomes. Longcat Journey defiantly is a game worth playing, if you're into puzzle games... and it's free, so give Longcat Journey a try!

  • 2017-06-11 19:47:04

    Build & Destroy

    Build & Destroy is a really fun multiplayer browser game in which you can stack up your skills as a builder and a shooter against players from all over the world.
    The premise of Build and Destroy is that you are a mushroom thingy that is trying to build a tower that will lite a firework floating in the air on a balloon. As with many multiplayer games, your opponent is trying to do the same. The trick is that you have to tactically shoot down his tower and build yours at the same time. But don't worry, this little online game is turn based, so you don't have to hurry with your build.
    As far as browser based free online multiplayer games go Build & Destroy is pretty cool and fun and you usually don't have to wait too long to find an opponent.
    Try playing Build & Destroy!

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