Party card games

All card games are party card games, you just have to organize them correctly. Since talking about all card games is a bit over the scope of this website, I would like to recommend that you take a look at our sister site Card Games Planet for a bunch of party card games. There you will find loads of games, tips on getting the most out of them and also all the supplies that you will need.

How to incorporate card games into your party?

Well, card games can get a bit unsocial at times, so it's important to do them right. Here are a few things you should think about...

What game to chose?

Choosing the right game is important. Some games are just not "party card games", because they are unsocial and competitive.

Tips on organizing a card game at a party:

  • Have other activities ready for people that don't play cards.
  • Don't play serious games.
  • Always play music and serve drinks, so that players still get that party feeling.
  • Don't use cards that you will miss.
  • Set the table correctly. Remove the glass(if you have it) and put a cloth on it. This way nothing can break and cards don't fly everywhere.
  • Maybe organize a tournament with side activities.

Why not...

Playing card games at a party can be a bad idea. People could get too unsocial and they can take the center of attention. Still, they can also be a fun add on for the people that want a more quite event. What ever you decide to do, have fun with it!

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