One lie, one truth

"One lie, One truth" is a great ice-breaker party game perfect for any party where people don't know each other. It can also be fun to play among friends, you might find out something new.

The basic idea is to tell one lie and one truth about yourself and the other person has to guess which is which.

There are a few ways you can organize the whole thing...

You can set up some time for people to mingle and play the game. This way everyone will get to know each other and have some fun along the way.

You can also set up a little contest. Let everyone pair up at least once and see who gets the most right guesses. You can download brackets to keep score in the printable party games section.

Another fun way is to set up fixed pairs and see which pair does the best in different rounds. You can even set up themed rounds (for example, 1st round - something about relationships, 2nd round - something about childhood).

You can also extend the game to more lies and truths, but try to keep it in reasonable boarder, otherwise it might get too complicated.

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