Office party games

Office party games are specially designed for all workplace parties. They include the use of office equipment and typical office activities in a fun and non-orthodox manner.

It doesn't matter whether you're a boss looking to boost morale with an office party, or a worker that is throwing a party at the office while the boss is on vacation, these games are a sure way to have some fun...

Fun office party games:

  • Bingo It's a fun party game, usually considered as gambling, since it's a game of chance and usually played for a monetary or practical prize.
  • Charades A very popular party game where you act out something and others have to guess what it is.
  • Dunk the boss This is a fun knock-off of a popular carnival game where you try to hit a target to dunk a clown. The difference is that this is an office party game, so you use an office chair and a bucket instead of a dunk tank, and your boss instead of a clown.
  • Guess your coworkers item This is a fun party game that will test your knowledge of your coworkers. Actually, it will test your knowledge of their desks, but whatever...
  • Guess your coworkers job This office party game will enlighten you about your coworkers actually position and tasks in the workplace.
  • Musical chairs A well known party game that goes well with pretty much any party. The office chair version is especially great for office parties.
  • Office chair jousting Need an exciting idea for your office party? Well, this is it then! Office chair jousting might be a tad bit dangerous, but it's also a bucket of fun:)
  • Office chair races What are office chair races you ask? Well basically it's racing in an office chair, usually in teams of two.
  • Office gossip trivia Gossip spreads like wildfire in an office, why not make a game out of it?
  • Office scavenger hunt Scavenger hunts are some of the most popular real life adventure games perfect for any party and all ages. They have been around since forever...
  • Pictionary This is a fun party game for any occasion. It's similar to charades, except you don't act out stuff, you draw them on paper.
  • The typing and drinking game Every party should have a drinking game. Well, this is an office drinking game that will get a few guests drunk and the rest of the guests cheering. It combines a standard office activity with drinking, so it's basically the perfect office party game.
  • Tossing party games What the hell are tossing party games? Well, party games where you toss things around, or better yet, at a target and try to be better at it than your friends:)
  • Who am I? You won't need much to play this game and it's also a great icebreaker, if your guests don't know one-and-other that well.


About office parties

Office parties are a great way to build up comradery among coworkers and a great opportunity to do a little team building. As a boss you show that you care for your "minions" and also having a good time equals a happy worker and a happy worker is a productive worker:)

It's not really uncommon for coworkers not to know a lot about each other. Working together for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, doesn't necessarily translate into a friendship. That is why it's important to organize social events like office parties.

You can have the party at the office or you can throw it in a bar. Bars are fun, but I still prefer the office version, because then you create fun memories in the place where you spend most of your time during the week. People might actually start enjoying coming to work:)

Since all coworkers don't necessarily know each other on a personal level, it's a good idea to implement a few office party games that will act as ice breakers (like the "Who am I?" game ) and party games that will let them get to know each-other (like the "Guess your coworkers item" game ).

Whatever you decide to do, don't forget to supply sufficient amounts of food and drinks. Alcoholic beverages will especially give everyone something to talk about on Monday:)

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