Office party game:
Office chair races

Office chair races are a fun office party game and can be a great source of entertainment... if your boss will allow them:)

What are office chair races?

What are office chair races you ask? Well basically it's racing in an office chair, usually in teams of two. What you do is, you have one person sit in a chair and the other one pushes him through the office. You can go up against another team and see who wins and the rest of the guests can cheer for their chosen team.

Some advice...

  • Since offices tend to be full of computers and other similarly breakable equipment, be sure to either put all breakable stuff away, or have your race in the hallway.
  • For the sake of not pissing of your boss, you might want to ask his permission first.
  • Try not to break any bones.
  • Don't fall down the staircase(see previous piece of advice).

Fun ideas

  1. Make a contest out of it!
    Make a contest out of your race. Get a scoreboard and write down times of each team. The fastest team wins!
    Or you can have a draw and play with eliminations. Two teams at a time, the losing team is eliminated. Get a brackets sheet here.
  2. Prizes
    Get some fun small prizes for the best teams. Nothing big, but preferably something clever and funny(like small trophies with chairs on them).
  3. Obstacles
    OK, this can get a bit dangerous, so be careful. You can add some obstacles on your "race track". A slalom obstacle course is a solid idea.
  4. Lone wolfs
    You can try racing individually. Just sit in the office chair and push yourselves forward. It's a lot slower, but adds that all important option of falling on your butt.
  5. Drag race
    Instead of a classic race, you can also do a drag race. One strong push and let the other guy fly through the office! See who gets the furthest or who is the fastest to determine the winner.

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