The naughty, the nice and the Santa

"The naughty, the nice and the Santa" is a Christmas version of a really fun children's game.

How to play?

The rules are simple. You'll need a deck of cards. Take as many cards as there are children playing. Make sure there is ONE black card for every THREE red cards and ONE Joker.

Shuffle the cards and deal one card, face down, to each kid. The one that gets the Joker is Santa, the kids that got black cards are naughty and the kids with red cards are nice.

It's the naughty kids mission to make the nice kids sad:( They do that by blinking at them:) When a nice kid turns sad(one of the naughty kids blinks at him), he throws away his card.

While this is going on, it's Santa's job to find out which of the kids are naughty. Whenever he finds a naughty kid, he points at him and he's out. Santa has to find all the naughty kids, before they make all the nice kids sad:)

It's a really fun game and kids really LOVE IT!
Merry X-mas!

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The naughty, the nice and the Santa