Mummy wrap

Toilet paper has some unique bond with Halloween. But this year you can use it to play a game instead of using it to ruin your neighbors house.

Mummy wrap is a childrens game, but, if you want to play it as an adult, who am I to judge:)

You'll need a couple of rolls of toilet paper and you can get start.

How to play

All the participants have to be split in teams. You'll need at least 2 players per team. One of the players from each team is the mummy and the rest are wrappers.

All teams start at the same time. They have to wrap the mummy in toilet paper. The first team that makes a completely wrapped mummy, wins.

Fun ideas

  • Limited toilet paper. You could set one limited supply of toilet paper for all teams. This way you'll get that extra element of fighting over the toilet paper.
  • Prizes. Get some small Halloween themed prizes for the best teams(like candy or apples).
  • Add a race. When the mummy is all wrapped up, he has to run to the finish. The mummy that makes it without stripping down, wins. If the mummy strips, he has to run back and his team has to wrap him up again.

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