Get ready to limbo!

Even dough limbo is not a traditional Hawaiian game it still fits well with a Hawaiian luau party. So let's see how you go about organizing a limbo contest...

What is limbo?

Limbo is a game that will test your flexibility and leg strength. Any number of participants can play and test their agility.

The whole thing is pretty simple... You need a limbo stick and some participants. Set up the stick at a certain level and start limboing! Everyone playing has to go under the stick, one by one. Keep lowering the stick and see who can go the lowest!

Keep in mind that you are only allowed to go under the stick by bending your back backward, NOT forward.

How to get set up

There are two ways you can set up the stick. You can either fix it with some other object, or you can have two people hold the stick while the rest limbo under it.

Fixing the stick is more "fair" since it is at the exact same height for everyone, but getting other party guests involved as the stick holders can make the whole experience more fun.

Fun ideas

  • Play some Hawaiian music! Your guests and stick holders will start to dance and everyone will have a lot of fun.
  • Get a few small prizes for the contest winners.
  • Have everyone wear Hawaiian leaf skirts while they limbo.

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