Kids indoor party games

Kids indoor party games are great for all those rainy days when you get togheter with your friends or, if you're a parent, when you want to keep your kids busy during a house party. They are appropriate for any occassion and can be played without too many accessories.

  1. Cops and robbers
  2. Musical chairs
  3. Pass it forward
  4. Blind mice


Cops and robbers

Easy game to play, all you need is either a deck of cards or a few pices of paper and a pen to make your own "cards".

Kings are cops, jokers are robbers and other cards are regular people. Depending on the number of players  you can have either two cops and two robbers, one cop and two robbers, or just one of each.

Players sit in a circle and each one gets one card. Now the robbers have to blink at other players. When a player is blinked at by a robber, he has to throw away his card. It's the cops job to find out who is blinking. If cops find all the robbers, they win. If robber eliminate all regular people before they are found, they win. It's as simple as that, and realll, really fun. Oh yeah... robbers can't eliminate cops, if they blink at a cop, tough luck, if he sees it, they're out:)

Musical chairs

I think everyone knows this one. You need some music and some chairs. There has to be one less chair than the number of people participating.

You can organise the chairs in a circle or just spread them across the room. Now start playing some music and let the participants walk around the chairs(they are not allowed to stay stil). When the music stops, everyone has to sit on a chair. The person that is left without a chair is out. For the next round remove one chair and start the music. The game continues until only one chair and two players are left, and the last one to get to sit down wins!

You can also add a small prize for the winner, so that the kids have something to compete for and it also adds to the fun.

Pass it forward

This is a classic kids indoor party game. The good thing about it is that you don't need any accessories.

Kids sit in a line and the first one makes up a sentence. They then pass the sentence along by whisppering in each others ears(it has to be so quiet that noone else hears it). The last kid in line than announces what got to him.

This game is better for younger children, since to whole point is that something totally different and funny comes out at the end of the line.

Blind mice

A really really fun kids indoor party game. It's best played in a smaller room(but it depends on the number of kids participating). It's also best, if there aren't too many breakable things in that room. Actually, since it's kind of easy to get hurt while playing it, it's best, if a parent is present(at least with younger children).

One of the kids is blindfolded and the rest spin him around 3-5 times in the center of the room. When they let go, they move around the room and he has to catch them all one by one. It's best to play it in a small room, becouse otherwise it could be too hard to catch everyone.

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