Hungry, hungry ghost

Ever played "Hungry, hungry hippo"? This is kind of like a Halloween version of that game. It's fun because you can also get creative before the start of the game by making your own little ghosts. You can use toilet paper or crepe paper and a piece of string to make them.

How to play

When your ready to play just sit in a circle, put your ghosts in the center and hold on to your strings. One player is designated to be the ghost hunter and stands(or stays on his knees) with a bucket above the ghosts. Now play some scary music. When the music stops, everyone pulls their ghosts away and the ghost catcher tries catching them by slamming the bucket in the center of the circle. Whoever gets his ghost caught is out, The game continues until there's only one ghost left.

How to make your own ghosts

Making your own ghosts is simple. Here are step by step instructions:


Gather all the things you'll need:

  • String
  • A few small balls
  • Crepe or toilet paper
  • Markers, pens or something else to draw with


Cut a circle out of crepe paper and shape the outline so that it looks like the bottom part of a ghost.


Put the ball in the middle of the circle and wrap the paper around it.


Tie the string around the crepe paper at the bottom of the ball.


Draw a face on your ghost and you are done!

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