Hula contest

Hula is a traditional Hawaiian dance. In case you don't know it, check out this video:

Hula dancing can be a fun add on for your Hawaiian luau party. You can even make it into a contest. Just get a few willing participants and let them take turns dancing the hula!

You can also include other guests in the fun, not just as spectators, but also as honorary judges. Deal out a bunch of boards with numbers from 1-10 and let them judge the contest!

Fun ideas:

  • Get prizes for the best hula dancers.
  • Make a stage. This way you can really make an event out of it and get everyone watching, participating and having fun.
  • Get some leaf Hawaiian hula skirts or something similar that will give the same effect when dancing. In case you want to be really authentic, you can also make a few hula skirts yourself.

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