Hawaiian luau party games

Hawaiian luau party games are a must for any luau. Dancing, music and BBQ in with a lei around your neck, what could be better than that?! Well, playing some fun games and organizing a few fun contests can be a great add on to the whole Hawaiian luau atmosphere.

So let's take a look at what party games you can play at your next luau...

Fun Hawaiian luau party games:

  • Dizzy bat It's a really fun game where you spin around a baseball bat. It's meant for outdoor parties and picnics... when played inside it can have destructive consequences:)
  • Hula contest Hula is a traditional Hawaiian dance that everyone probably knows. When it's done by amateurs and complete first-timers, it's even more fun to watch:) The best thing is, you can make a fun contest out of it and get everyone involved.
  • Lei making contest What's a lei? Well... it's the flower necklace that everyone wears at a Hawaiian luau. The best thing about them is that you can make them yourselves and you can also make a fun contest out of it!
  • Limbo contest Limbo is not actually a traditional Hawaiian luau activity, but it fits well and it's fun as hell. All you need is a stick, some music and a bunch of willing participants.
  • Name that tropical cocktail Mixing cocktails, drinking cocktails, looking at pretty cocktails... cocktails in general are a really fun drink, perfect for parties... especially for luaus. And what do you get when you turn a fun thing into a game? Even more fun!
  • Tossing party games What the hell are tossing party games? Well, party games where you toss things around, or better yet, at a target and try to be better at it than your friends:)
  • Tug of war It's a classic party game perfect for picnics, pool parties or any other outdoor party... even an indoor party, if you want to go a little crazy:)


About Hawaiian luau parties

Hawaiian luau parties are great! You can throw a luau anywhere, but if you want to make it extra spectacular, you should do it at the beach. Light a big fire, put on some hula music and start dancing!

You should prepare some fun tropical food and mix up some cocktails. Set up a dress code and have everyone show up in palm skirts. You can also supply leias (or make a game out of making them ).  All of this will make your luau really authentic and fun.

Also set up some classic luau activities. You know... making cocktails, hula dancing and grilling. Obviously don't forget to throw some fun Hawaiian luau party games ( limbo, although not an authentic Hawaiian party game, is pretty mandatory for any luau ).

Have fun and hula like theres no tomorrow!:)

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