Halloween party games for teens

Halloween party games for teens come in handy when you get too old for "trick-or-treating" and old enough to throw your own Halloween party.

So let's see what games you can play...

  1. Apple bobbing
  2. Costume contest
  3. Do you dare to...
  4. Summoning
  5. Famous TV monsters trivia


Apple bobbing

Apple bobbing is a classic Halloween party game for all ages. Just put some apples in a big bowl of water and see who manages to fish out the most using only his/her teeth.

Costume contest

Throwing a costume contest is always loads of fun. You are going to need some small prizes for the best costumes and you will also need to mingle a lot to get the feel for which costume you like the best. Alternatively you can also outsource the judging to other people or make a voting system, but make sure it's clear that people can't vote for their own costume.

Do you dare to...

Your going to need some preparation for this party game, but it's worth it. Make a few Halloween inspired challenges and then see, if people are willing to do them. You can do a lot of Fear Factor like stuff, but fake. Something like filling a bowl with pealed grapes and making them look like eyes, or putting fake rats or spiders in a box and then daring people to put their hands in for 30 seconds. Just use your imagination and remember not to tell it's fake until the end.

You can get some fun Halloween recipes here , for your do you dare to eat something challanges.

Also get some small prizes for the most courageous contestants, just to make people participate.


Ever seen a horror movie where some teenagers do a summoning ritual and then an evil spirit and/or demon kills them all? OK, just do that:) This is not actually a Halloween party game for teens, but more of an activity that you can do to scare everyone on this special holiday.

You are probably going to need some candles and stuff, so be prepared before hand. Also remember that, if you can't make up a fun ritual, Google will find one for you:)

Whatever you do, don't tell your friends you made it up or found it with Google. Make up a fun story on how you came across it, so that people participating will take it seriously on at least a subconscious level.

You can also add a nice scare at the end in form of a friend jumping out of a closet or some creepy scream that you timed on your phone.

Famous TV monsters trivia

Another fun thing you can do is a trivia of famous TV monsters. You can do it in teams or with only a few participants at a time.

You can download printable monster trivia cards here.

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