Halloween party games for kids

Halloween party games for kids can be a fun add on for a kids party, or a nice distraction for the young ones at an adult Halloween party. For some great ideas on what Halloween party games kids can play at your next party, just keep reading...

  1. Apple bobbing for kids
  2. Halloween scavenger hunt
  3. Hungry, hungry ghost
  4. Ghost summoning
  5. Mummy wrap


Apple bobbing for kids

Apple bobbing is a traditional Halloween game for all ages. All you need is a large bucket and some apples.

You put apples in a bucket full of water and kids take turns(or more at same time, if you have a big enough bucket) trying to catch as many apples floating in the water by using only their teeth.

Since you are setting up this game for kids, be sure to get a low enough bucket(so they can reach in with their head) and also small enough apples(so they can actually catch them).

Halloween scavenger hunt

It's like a normal scavenger hunt, but since this page is about Halloween party games for kids, we'll put a little twist on it. Before the game starts, make a few cardboard skeletons and spread them across the house/yard/neighborhood.

Make a few teams and let the hunt begin! Each team has to find all the necessary pieces to make a full skeleton, bring them back to the finish line and put them together correctly. The first team to succeed wins!

You can also do the same thing, but in a treasure hunt format. Just give out a list of clues on where the pieces are hidden and let the hunt begin!

Hungry, hungry ghost

Ever played "Hungry, hungry hippo"? This is kind of like a Halloween version of that game. It's fun because you can also get creative before the start of the game by making your own little ghosts. You can use toilet paper or crepe paper and a piece of string to make them.

When your ready to play just sit in a circle, put your ghosts in the center and hold on to your strings. One player is designated to be the ghost hunter and stands(or stays on his knees) with a bucket above the ghosts. Now play some scary music. When the music stops, everyone pulls their ghosts away and the ghost catcher tries catching them by slamming the bucket in the center of the circle. Whoever gets his ghost caught is out, The game continues until there's only one ghost left.

Ghost summoning

As far as Halloween party games for kids go, this is more of an activity than a game, but it can be fun to do as well. Just make up a ghost summoning ritual that you can perform. Sit in a dark room, use some candles, maybe a Ouija board, some special scary text. Use your imagination. You could also add a twist and have someone hide in the closet and jump out at some point to scare everyone involved:)

Mummy wrap

When the start is announced, all teams start wrapping their mummy in toilet paper. The first team to make a perfectly wrapped mummy, wins!

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