Gift gamble

Gift gamble is a fun way to liven up gift giving at a Christmas party. It's also a great way to solve the budget problem of getting a ton of gifts for all the guests.

Besides, who doesn't like to gamble a little here and there:)

General idea

Tell all your guest a few days before the party to get one gift. It's a good idea to set an approximate price, so that there isn't too big of a difference between the gifts.

When people arrive at the party, tell them to live the gifts on a special table or under the Christmas tree. Then you use some special method to distribute the gifts at random. There are a few ways you can do this:


The simples way to do it is to number the gifts as they come in, then have a draw. Basically you just write the numbers on pieces of paper and let everyone draw one. They then get the gift corresponding to their number.

Spin the wheel

Got one of those casino spinning wheels of fortune? Great! Then use it! Number the gifts as they come in and then let each person have a spin of the wheel. Whatever number it stops at, that number gift they get.


If you got a roulette game at home (you can buy a small versions at pretty much any toy store), then use it. The idea is the same as with the spinning wheel. Number the gifts and let everyone pick a number on the roulette table.

Dice throw

Same as with all the other ways, number the gifts, then let everyone throw dice. The number that the dice show gets them the gift with that number on it. The more guests you have, the more dice you'll need.

Fun ideas

  • Make it a fun event. Get everyone around for the gift gamble, make a short speech and make a fun ceremony out of it.
  • Kids version. Pass each gift around and play some Christmas music. When the music stops, the kid holding the gift gets to keep it.

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