Don't fumble!

The "Don't fumble!" party game is lime a mix of "Hot potato" and catching a greased hog, except it's played with a football. Since it's football themed, it's a great game to play during your Superbowl party.

How do you play?

It's simple. Grease up, oil up or make the football slippery in some other way and throw it to one of your guest. Keep passing the ball and whoever fumbles and losses the ball, losses the game.

You can just bring a greasy ball out and start a spontaneous game or you can agree with everyone to play in advance. Since people will get a bit greasy during this activity, it's probably a better idea to agree to play before you toss the ball.

Another fun way to play is to line everyone up and let them run pass each other. Everyone who runs pass someone has to make a handoff, if the pair fails to do so or losses the ball, they lose the game.

Fun ideas

  • Make it into a drinking game. Whoever drops the ball has to drink.
  • Use a small ball. Use a smaller version of a football to make catching and handoffs even harder.
  • Allow tackling. If someone doesn't pass the ball quickly enough, the other players are allowed to tackle him.

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