Egg run

One of the classic picnic party games, the egg run! Not to friendly for eggs, but really fun for your party guests.


You'll need a bunch of spoons and a bunch of eggs. Make sure you have some extra in case a few of them break before the run. Got enough eggs and spoons? Great! Now set up a course for the run. You need to at least set the starting point and the finish line, but you can also get a little creative... you can set up obstacles, twists and turns, whatever you think will be fun.

The run

Every contestants get a spoon and an egg. They have to put the egg on the spoon and take their starting positions.

When the run begins all contestants must run the course from start to finish without breaking the egg. They are only allowed to carry the egg with their spoon and they are not allowed to help themselves with their hands... if they drop the egg, they can pick it up, but, if it breaks they're out of the race.

Whoever gets to the finish line with his egg intact is the winner of the race.

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