Eating contests

Throwing an eating contest could be a great idea for your party. No better way to fill up your guests with junk food:)

You can throw all sorts of different eating contests, here are a few popular variants:

Whatever you decide on, don't forget to get a trophy or a small prize for the winner... preferably nothing edible:)

Pie eating contest

A classic. The only down side is that you'll have to bake a bunch of pies and that can be pretty time consuming. On the plus side, watching your friends shoving their heads into apple pies is really funny. Maybe you should add a rule that everyone has to have their hands tied behind their back.

Hotdog eating contest

Another classic. Really easy to throw. Just cook a bunch of hotdogs and see who can shove the most of them down his/her throat. Even dough chewing might not be the fastest way to eat them, it might be the safest... just a tip.

Ice cream eating contest

Get ready to have your brain frozen! Buy a few boxes of ice cream and see who gobbles his up first! It's quite a demanding task, but really funny to watch. Enjoy the show!

Water drinking contest

The cheapest of all eating contest... well, actually it's a drinking contest, but whatever. Fill a bunch of bottles with water and see who can drink the most in 1 minute. Be careful dough, you can actually overdose on water. It's a good idea to maybe let the water out after you're done... you know what I mean.

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