Duck, duck, goose!

"Duck, duck, goose!" is a simple kids game that doesn't take much to play and is a great source of fun for a kids party.

The rules are simple and you can play it indoors or outdoors. Let's see how you play...

The rules

Everyone sits in a circle and one person is nominated as the goose. The goose takes the egg(a crumbled up piece of paper or a small ball) and walks around the circle.

Every time he passes a player, he says "Duck".

At one point(whenever he wishes), he say "Goose!" instead of "Duck", drops the egg at the back of the player he just passed and starts to run around the circle.

The other player must then pick up the egg and run after the goose in the same direction.

If he succeeds in catching him, before he reaches his, now empty, place in the circle, then nothing changes and the goose remains the goose. But, if the goose manages to run around the circle and reaches the empty place and sits down, then the player left with the egg is the new goose.

The game can continue like this for hours and hours. It doesn't have a definite finish, kids can play it until they get bored or too tired.

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