Dizzy bat
The spinning baseball bat game

Dizzy bat is a really fun game where you spin around a baseball bat. It's meant for outdoor parties and picnics... when played inside it can have destructive consequences:)

Basically you take a baseball bat, put one end of it to the ground, the other end to your forehead and start spinning! Spin around 10-15 times and try to run straight:)

Spin relay

Dizzy bat in itself might seem kind of pointless (still really funny to watch), so turning it into a race between two teams is usually the way to go.

Make two teams with the same number of contestants and give each team their own bat. Players from each team have to run to the bat, spin around 10-15 times and run back to tag the next player.

The first team to go through all the players is the winning team.

Some other pointers...

Try to play this game outdoors, otherwise this might happen...

Dizzy bat is usually associated with drinking. Even dough it's really fun even if you're sober, you can add a little alcohol to it.

The drinking version is usually more of a challenge than a party game.

The whole point of it is to chug a hollow bat full of beer, spin around and hit the ball that someone pitches to you. It's a really funny source of entertainment, but after a few tries you can be sure someone will throw up... which can actually make it even more entertaining:)

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