Diving races

Doing a diving race can be a really fun addition to your pool party. The prerequisite is that you have a deep enough swimming pool. If it's too shallow to dive in, then this game is out of the question.

What are diving races?

You'll need to either form teams of two or appoint a neutral "judge". The "judge" or the teammate throws an object into the swimming pool and two contestants dive in to get it. The first one to come out with the object in his hand, wins!

Alternatively, you could also throw two objects in, one for each, to avoid any injuries from fights over the who gets it.

Another fun option

You could also throw in a bunch of object of two different colors. Each contestant gets one color. Whoever manages to fish out all his objects first, wins!

Fun ideas

  • Make a tournament. See who is the best diver. Draw pairs and let everyone have a go. Eliminate the losers and see who is the last man or woman standing... eh, I mean diving. If you need brackets to keep track, you can download them here.
  • Group dive. Throw in a bunch of stuff and let everyone go at the same time. Whoever fishes out the most is declared the winner.
  • Diving for prizes. Get some small, fun, gifts and throw them in your pool. All guests can start diving and keep whatever they manage to bring out.

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