Dance marathon

Dancing is fun! A dance marathon is even more fun! So why not have one at your party?! It's easy to organize and a great source of entertainment.

So what is a dance marathon? Basically it's non-stop dancing! All the participants start dancing at the same time and whoever lasts the longest wins.

Why having a dance marathon is a good idea?

  1. You'll fill up the dance floor in a second and also keep it full for while.
  2. It gets people moving, and movement is always good at a party.
  3. It makes for a good conversation starter for guests that are already out or didn't participate.
  4. Guests will automatically mingle and become acquainted while dancing.
  5. The ones that are not participating will also enjoy watching the rest, so people that don't like to dance will also get something out of it.

Some advice...

It might be tough to get your guests to participate, so it's a good idea to have a prize ready for the winner. It can be something small or even just a simple trophy or placket, something to compete for basically.

Get your music ready before the start and make sure you have enough of it. The best idea is to make a really long playlist on your computer and plug it into the sound system. This way you won't have any periods with no music. You have to keep the people moving!

Create a dedicated dance floor. As the party progresses and people start doing other stuff, you don't want the remaining participants to get in the way of it all, or the other guests to get in their way. That's why it's a good idea to specify the space that is meant for the marathon. You can use some balloons or other party accessories to mark it. You can also keep shrinking it as dancer fall out.

Make a mixed play list. That way there will be something for everyone and also it's fun to change gears every now and then. Some house, some rock and then some slow music and so on...

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