Cops and robbers

Kids love playing this party game, but adults can enjoy it as well. One of the participants will be a cop, you'll have a few robbers and the rest will be innocent bystanders. Can the cop prevent everyone getting robbed before it's too late? Play and find out!

There are basically two ways to play this game. You can play it at the table, or you can implement it into your party and play while everyone mingles.

Play sitting down

You'll need a deck of cards and a table. Take as many cards as there are players. Make sure you include at least one joker and one king.

Everyone sits around a table and you deal out one card face down to each player. Whoever gets the jack is the robber, whoever gets the king is the cop. The rest of the players are innocents.

Robbers rob the innocents by blinking at them. When someone is robbed he has to throw away his card. It's the cops job to find all the robbers before they rob all the innocents. If they fail, the robbers win.

It's best to play with one cop and two robbers, but if there are many players, you can increase the number of both.

Play while mingling

You can play while mingling the same way as you do sitting down, by dealing out cards and blinking, but there is a more fun way... Prepare a few pins up card holders and papers that say either "bystander", "cop" or "robber". Deal them out randomly and let everyone insert them inverted into the pin up.

As everyone mingles the robbers have to take the pin ups from bystanders (bystanders are not allowed to prevent them from doing so) and the cops have to find the robbers before they rob all the bystanders.

If cops find all the robbers before they rob everyone, they win, if they fail and everyone gets robbed, the robbers win.

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